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School Reports and Teacher Suggestions

Midyear School Report

Once you use, your college therapist will most likely deliver your transcript with few or no senior 12 months program grades included. This is exactly why the midyear school report is necessary – allowing us to examine your performance in the 1st 1 / 2 of your senior 12 months coursework. The midyear school report should be completed by the school therapist or any other college official. Please demand that the midyear college report is returned and completed to the workplace at the earliest opportunity.

Midyear School Report FAQs

Let’s say i am using Restrictive Early Action and I also do not have my midyear grades yet?

Restrictive Early Action candidates are not necessary to submit the midyear report because of the November 1 due date. In the event that you applied Restrictive Early Action and they are deferred to Regular Decision, please submit the midyear report and transcript in or as soon as your midyear grades are available february.

I am a worldwide pupil and my scholastic 12 months is significantly diffent. Do we still have to submit the midyear report?

Then we expect that your school will send predicted grades, based on your current classroom work and the results of any internal or mock exams you have taken up to that point if you study the IB curriculum or the A-level curriculum. Continua a leggere