NSA? FWB? BFF? We require the latest Lexicon for Advanced Romance

NSA? FWB? BFF? We require the latest Lexicon for Advanced Romance

“So, as soon as you declare they’re your own ‘partner’, what exactly really does which means that?”

After around 7 ages, 3,000 interactions, 250 periods, and 50 connections spanning sets from diehard monogamy to nonhierarchical non-monogamy, I’ve involve one harmful conclusion: our very own lexicon was completely unequipped to manage modern-day matchmaking and associations.

Within the last few month, I’ve read everyone namedrop below words to spell it out the folks they were romantically or intimately a part of:

  • Boyfriend
  • Girlfriend
  • NSA (No Strings Connected)
  • FWB (Pals with Pros)
  • BFF (Best Ally Forever)
  • Love pal (good friend you’ve got sex with?)
  • Pal (pal we…haven’t but got sexual intercourse with?)
  • Spouse (intimate, companies, who is familiar with?)
  • Lover in criminal activity
  • Boything/Girlthing (someone you are sort-of viewing, but perhaps not in almost any official awareness)
  • Date (individuals your took on a romantic date)
  • Sexy time / day With Advantages (individuals you took on a romantic date and later got sexual intercourse with)
  • Burgeoning enjoy attention (an individual you’re interested in probably increasing with)
  • Fan
  • Boo
  • Individual
  • Particular Person
  • Intimate
  • Fuckbuddy (multi-time)
  • Butt contact (one-time)
  • Roomie
  • Sketchy Hookup
  • Relate
  • Kindred Character
  • Paramour
  • Principal squeeze
  • Area squeeze
  • Beau
  • Bae
  • Superfriend

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